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Lisbon Speedboat Tour - Best Seller

Quick Details

Wheelchair accessible

1 hour
Up to 6 people
Up to 12 people
2 hours
Up to 6 people
Up to 12 people
4 hours
Up to 6 people
up to 12 people

Ride a comfortable and modern speedboat in Lisbon!

Come and ride the Bayliner Element XR7, a comfortable, modern speedboat that, in addition to being fast, has easy access for the disabled, including wheelchair users.

This boat is ideal for parties, bachelor parties, family outings, or even moments just for two. We have buoys to pull and provide moments of adrenaline.

We have the option of embarking and comfortably transporting people with reduced mobility (in wheelchairs, with crutches, walkers, strollers, etc.), by their own means.

Note: The indicated price includes a capacity for four people. However, for an additional price, you can add a maximum of eight extra people to your trip.

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