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Sunset Motor Speedboat Tour

Quick Details

Up to 2 people All ages
Up to 10 people
Up to 12 people
Extra person All ages

End your day in a unique and relaxing way in Lisbon

Come and end your day in a unique and relaxing way and start the evening completely relaxed. Enjoy the unique views of Lisbon and the colors that the sunset provides. Discover the magic of seeing the end of the day aboard the Bayliner and watch the appearance of the first stars.

Leave with unforgettable memories and take some photos to make your friends jealous. You can opt for a romantic sunset for two, savoring a good white wine, champagne, or gin. With the sunset tour for two, the boat comes out exclusively for you.

The boat is equipped with a sound system with USB input and also has a portable speaker with Bluetooth so you can play your own music.

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